Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's some neato art things...

So many fun things in my Pocket I'd like to share with's a few...

If you're ever looking for a concise graphic overview of art in the 20th Century, you can't go wrong with this "artmap" by Rama Hoetzlein.

See it in a larger size here at the artists site

He cleverly includes media, politics and science to provide even more context of each movement. Wander around his site for a while - cool stuff to behold...


Next up, we have an array of vintage magician posters from Rebecca O'Connell at Mental Floss. Now, who doesn't love a magician? Me, for one. But the classic style of these advertisements have a strong pulp sensibility and you can see the influence they had on early comic book covers as well.


Guillaume Cornet - his intricate and geometric illustrations are just fun to stare at for while:
There's a bunch more here


Everyone has seen this before, correct? Norman Rockwell's Freedom From Want:

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, how would you like to see about three dozen parodies of the above image? I know I would, so let's click here and enjoy, courtesy of Philip Van der Vossen at Gunaxin.

Here's one more:

Have a great long weekend and travel safe!

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