Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Alternative movie posters and Breaking Bad

Movie posters don't have the impact they once had. Many moons ago, even if the TV commercial for the movie ("the trailer") didn't get your attention, you couldn't help but notice the upcoming attractions displayed in front of your local cinema. Of course, now, people don't walk past local cinemas much anymore. Not many walkers or cinemas, I guess. Too bad, because the movie poster (or the one-sheet) was often a fantastic work of commercial art, teasing the plot of the film while showcasing the stars and theme of the story. Everyone has seen this, right?

Now, the one-sheet has been displaced in our collective memory by the viral on-line trailer (sure, maybe the TV spot too). However, there is a healthy subculture of collectors scooping up these posters, either in original form (expensive!) or as reprints. Modern art, I say!

There is also a sub-subculture of collectors always on the lookout for European/Asian versions, such as this:

Yes, that's Jaws too. Google your favorite movie and add Poland or other eastern European country as a modifier. You'll see some incredibly inventive and bizarre graphics, forever changing your perception of the film in question. Here is just a sample...

Very cool stuff...

If you dig the non-US version of these posters, there are some very creative folks putting out alternative English-language one-sheeters too. Matthew Chojnacki's book, aptly titled Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground, is available now. Click over to Michael's site for some samples, and buy his book!


Check this out - I love the simplicity of these retro/paperback alternative posters at this Flickr site.


For those of you that enjoyed Breaking Bad (which I think includes everyone I know), this poster is a great gift idea:
See it in a larger format and buy it direct from Dennis Culver right here!

More cool graphics and illustrations coming your way next week!

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